I thank to Luigi, Iraj, Anatolij, Eric, Blazej, Jeff, Swetal who participate on our tournament for several times as well to newcomers -Tiziano
Louise, Ekaterina, Maryline, Sebastien, Mirek and Gabi who join their  first tournament. The winners of stronger group became
Luigi&Swetal - congratulation!
I looking forward to seeing you on next tournament held on Saturday June
3rd. Start at 1p.m. Newcomers are also welcome but club members has a preference right to join.


Fun tournament report

I thank to Alex Miziuk, Luigi Romeo, Blazej Slezak, Richard Moravec, Jan, Jeff Mricks, Robert Gardner, Dirk Tuben for their participation and fair-play at a Singles tournament held in Luziny Tennis Centre on April 1.
The players were divided into 2 group of 4 for round robin. After finishing all the matches semi-finalists were Dirk, Jeff, Blazej and Luigi. Dirk and Luigi played the finals. The winner of the whole tournament became Dirk who did not lose any match.
All the players played at least 4 sets, so everybody was pleasantly tired.
Right after the finals participants met in the club restaurant for our mini-ceremony. We enjoyed a good meal and drinks together for two more hours. Participants were happy with the plan to organize a tournament regularly every month. Next tournament is planned for May.


Free Trial Lesson

Try out how much you improve at a tennis lesson with a Pro.

Next free lesson:
Where: Tenis-Luziny, Zazvorkova street, Prague 5
How to get there: 3min. walk from Luziny metro station
Parking : just next to the hall
When: Saturday April 1
Time: 16.00 – 17.00
With: Sport shoes and suit (racket available if required)

The number of students is limited – first come first serve.
Questions and/or applications contact Petr Stepanek on [email protected] 


8 players join the tournament the Saturday March 4.
Besides 5 long term members we welcomed 3 newcomers – 1 young men and 2 ladies.
We form 4 doubles and Firts two hours we played round robin. All couples were more or less equal ( nobody lost with 0 winning games).
Second two hours we played minitournament in singles. Also round robin for 1 winning tiebreak. Unfortunately we did not finished all the matches but.
But everybody play at least 5 tiebraks. The result were interesting because everybody was winning and also loosing.
After four hours of tournament everybody were tired enough.
I am looking forward to welcome all players from Saturday on next tournament on 1st of April. Newcomers are very welcome too! All details about the tournament find on club events

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