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Congress is spending money like an opium drug addict uses opium!!!!! Indeed members are hooked on spending OPM (Other People's Money) specifically your hard earned money!

If any of us took money earned by one person and gave it to another person, we would most likely be looking forward to time in prison. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, it is imperative that We the People put a stop to this abuse of power.

The ramifications of this spending are disastrous for all Americans.

Our buying power is reduced, either from the loss of net income from higher taxes or the reduction in the value of the dollar from printing more dollars.

Products and services cost more! Government spending produces inflation.

Healthcare With 45.1% of healthcare dollars coming from government (2014), the healthcare inflation rate was 91% higher than the general inflation rate from 1991 to 2014.

K-12 Education With 91% of K-12 education dollars come from government (2014). K-12 education inflation rate was 142% higher than the general inflation rate from 1991 to 2014.

College Education Government dollars account for a large portion of college and university budgets, where the higher education inflation rate far out paces the general inflation rate.

Housing Market Government policy made housing money easily available. Housing prices rose above market rates absorbing the easy money until finally the propped up housing market bubble burst.

State bailouts State legislators rush to spend federal money as though it does not have any cost to those they are to represent. But of course spending such money really does indeed tax those they represent, only that the tax money goes through the intermediary federal government before some portion of it finds its way back to the state.

Even now as Congress is preparing a huge spending stimulus plan, both opponents and supporters of the bill have expressed concerns about the inflationary increase such spending will create. Unlike government, consumers will only pay what something is worth to them. When government money enters the equation, the extra money increases the demand, which pushes the costs up, resulting in higher inflation.

Inflation hurts your family. You work the same hours, but your paycheck is worth less!

Government intrusion in the market (money and/or regulation and oversight) should be a last resort because it either results in additional inflation or drives products or services out of the open market. By contrast, policies that build a competitive and open market where consumer purchasing decisions guide product quality, features and pricing always delivers the best consumer value.
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Finally, common sense tells us and experience demonstrates that government corruption is tightly connected to government power. Only a limited government can limit government corruption.

Congress is abusing its power and undermining your prosperity and freedom. Get a sticker and display it to show you have had enough and to bring greater awareness to how Congress' unbridled and unchecked spending is threatening the future of America. Just like an opium addict, Congress needs OPM detoxification. We need to stop making excuses for Congress and give them the tough love than a friend would provide to a drug addicted friend.

Congress history of corruption and abuse is not an excuse for their spending, it is the reason we the people are needed to put a stop to it before it is too late! Join together. Show your love for America. Demand the OPM detoxification of Congress.

Please pass this along to other Americans.